Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Our First Reader Poll: Herrmann on TV

This link takes you to Bloomberg television. The video clip of Herrmann discussing Warner-Lambert v. Kent is currently the first item on this Bloomberg page, but that may change over time. If you don't immediately see the clip with his name on it, just word-search for Herrmann, and you'll find it.

Here's our first ever reader poll: Should Herrmann be pleased or mortified?

So far, it's two to nothing in favor of mortification.


John said...

Nice job, Mark! I vote "pleased."

dbalden said...

I would go with pleased. Explaining why an exception to a statute that bars liability is preempted because the exception is a fraud-on-the-FDA claim that is itself preempted is difficult. Plainly, I can't do it in writing, and Mark did it live on TV.