Saturday, April 12, 2008

Schwab Affects Pharma

We just noticed this piece in Bloomberg News (via Pharmalot) about a hearing before Judge Weinstein on Thursday, April 10, in the consolidated Zyprexa cases.

Presumably keenly aware of the Second Circuit's recent reversal of his decision to certify a consumer fraud class in the tobacco litigation (about which we posted here), Judge Weinstein suggested that he probably will not certify a similar class of purchasers of Zyprexa.

That decision is not surprising. Trial court judges are, of course, supposed to learn from and follow circuit precedent.

But the "comments" over at Pharmalot are more suprising. Readers are accusing Judge Weinstein of "hypocrisy" and being on "Lilly's take" because of what he said at the hearing.

Lord knows that we, too, are occasionally a bit shrill, but we try not to criticize folks who are simply trying to do their jobs conscientiously and in good faith.

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Anonymous said...

Great that DDL is reading Pharmalot. I strongly recommend the thread under the heading, "Schering-Plough Exec to Merck Exec (Expl. deleted)."

Almost none of the comments are about that sorry episode. They are rather an unusually candid and informative series of reflections about ethics and pharma generally over the past dozen years or so.

Most of the contributors are people who have spent significant time in industry - the "good guys" as they say on DDL. They should be of keen interest to people who follow posts here.