Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Seidel Subpoena (vaccine-autism blog) Quashed

We posted yesterday that Public Citizen had volunteered to represent Kathleen Seidel in her attempt to quash a subpoena seeking all of the records relating to her blog, which offends plaintiffs' lawyers in the vaccine litigation.

Seidel reported last night at her neurodiversity blog that the subpoena has been quashed (and sanctions threatened), although apparently the court did not reach the first amendment issues.

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Bryan said...

I have a question regarding the judge's order. I understand why the judge ordered a hearing on sanctions, but in looking at the subpoena don't see the violation of Rule 45a2B? When issuing a federal subpoena, I will routinely insert the name of deponent's district as the issuing court (with the case's home district listed below) without opening an ancillary action. I've defended motions to quash in the deponent's district without the issue of Rule 45a2B ever being raised. Is this procedure incorrect?