Monday, July 28, 2008

Mirapex Bellwether Trials Begin

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports:

"The first of three trials concerning the drug Mirapex and its alleged linkage to compulsive gambling is underway in U.S. District Court in Minneapolis before Judge James Rosenbaum, who will preside over all three 'bellwether' jury trials. The trials will be used by the 200-plus plaintiffs and defendant Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals to determine the strengths and weaknesses of their respective cases."

HT to Torts Prof.


rena moss said...

thanks to neurogolist,find my estate in probate, fighting to keep my house and get the check i work for. Parkinsons-mirapex and over meds made gaming crazy and charges maxed. dr charges me 2500$
to testify against me. i wind up in guardianship, credit ruined
money taken, house may be next.
On top of it legal fees. If dr took the drugs he had be on, he
should be here instead of me.

Anonymous said...

You should look at the 7 million dollar verdict that came back on Mirapex yesterday, it will make for an interesting entry. Plaintiff's victory for sure.