Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hats Off To "Above The Law"

For those of you who have been sleeping for the last couple of years (or are over the age of 50), "Above the Law" is a blog that covers law, law firms, associate salaries and bonuses, and salacious legal gossip.

Needless to say, that site draws a lot of traffic.

But yesterday, Above the Law amazed us.

This blog receives about 1000 pageviews on a typical weekday.

Yesterday, we received 3554.

And a full 2415 of those views were the result of Above the Law linking to a couple of our recent posts (here and here).

That's an astonishing number. By way of contrast, Point of Law, a popular legal blog for which we have an awful lot of respect, linked to us yesterday and sent us 30 pageviews. The Wall Street Journal's "onespot" law page linked to a couple of our stories yesterday, and it sent us 23 pageviews.

Hats off to you Above the Law. We're not sure what you're doing right, but you're a remarkable force in the legal blogosphere.


Anonymous said...

people are fleeing the horrible new editor of ATL.

also, looked around your blog and like it. thank you for this.

Anonymous said...

Well, I read ATL but I didn't come here via ATL. I came here via google while searching for some good commentary on Wyeth v. Levine. Good stuff.

And to anon above: yes, Elie sucks balls.